Prayer Updates here at the Vineyard Family House!

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Dear Family and Friends:

Today, we were blessed to have several members of the U.S. Navy!  Not all were pictured, but, with the number of volunteers present, we had nearly 20 people working at the 110 West Strong Street property.  We have a Christmas Open House coming December 15, 2019.  More details to come!  Our New Vineyard Family House will be excited to welcome in all our visitors that day!

Consulate Rehabilitation Center

Room 602A

Chris Hubbard was moved from Select Hospital to Consulate rehab on Airport Blvd.  Chris is still recuperating from his stage 4 COPD and severe asthma.  He remains with a tracheotomy with oxygen. He has been weaned off the ventilator completely!  Still requiring stomach tube feedings per mom, Kathleen also.  She asks for visits for Chris as this helps his mental status. Chris is just 45 years young. She shared this morning he has very limited ability to move his arms and legs.  Yet, his mind is alert. 

Select Hospital

Michelle Fawks.  Room 105.  Still progressing from her brain aneurysm.  Husband Dan had to return to work.  Her mother comes from Louisiana to spend time with her during the week.  Dan is here every weekend now and leaves out Monday mornings after a quick visit and kiss to his wife.  Says she is speaking much more clearly now and responding more since the doctors put in ha permanent shunt in her head.  Her son, Kaleb has been also with us this weekend.  Hoping to have her transferred to Alabaster, AL as soon as the tracheotomy is out. Michelle is just 51 years young. 

West Florida Hospital

ICU:20  Yes, Christy Taylor was moved to the ICU a few days ago.  Her wound from the hemorrhage reduction from her brain bleed came apart, (de-hissed is the medical term), and became very infectious.  The doctors were worried about meningitis or encephalitis (brain infections).  She still has a limited verbal communication.  Apparently can read labels from coke cups which can increase her agitation for a soft drink which she is not supposed to have.  She is eating soft foods.  Mom, Sherry is with us. Christy is just 39 years young. 

Cari Hill was released from West Florida rehab.  Her mom is still with us making sure she gets to all her doctor’s appointments.  She fractured so many ribs from the hit and run that she has developed “pockets” of skin that sometimes “bubble out” from her back from lack of muscle strength to breath.  Mom fears this will be a life-long problem.  Cannot put any weight on the left leg from the broken hip yet.  She has a fighting spirit at 41 years old though.  She is so grateful to God that He has given her a second chance! 

Sacred Heart Hospital

Tom Gorman- ICU 446.  Severe Stroke.  Per Robin, his wife, he is still nearly non-verbal.  Does love company though.  Will smile when you come in.  Very limited movement on both left and right sides.  Robin is still working to get him transferred to a facility near their home in Miramar Beach, FL. 

Richard Higbee was moved to Chipley FL, at a nursing home/rehab for his severe stroke.  This facility per his sweet wife, Carol, is just 9 miles from their home.  Richard continues to show very little outward mental or physical ability to communicate or move.  She continues to ask for God’s will for her husband a decorated war veteran. He is just 66 years young. 

We are also awaiting word from a family driving in from Texas.  Their son is in the ICU at Baptist.  He is active duty Marine.  More details as we find out what is going on.  Prayers!