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Dear Family and Friends:
Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Reagan Roberts today.  Yesterday afternoon, with his parents by his side, Reagan entered Heaven’s gates.  Just 42 years young, he had contracted the H1N1 flu according to mom, Linda, and with his smoking history, he just could not get well enough for University of Alabama’s Medical center to accept him.  Our prayers are with this entire family. 
Tim Anderson, also just 42 years young is also on ECMO (heart-lung assist device) at Baptist hospital.  Per his mom, Mena, the doctors are “Cautiously optimistic” about Tim turning the corner for the good.  He has daily lung washings to remove secretions and open up different sections of his lungs.  Tim is a dad of three small children and wife, Kelly,  Tim’s family are rotating in and out of the Vineyard.  Keep praying!
Kim Denman of Ft. Walton Beach is to have her shunt replaced this next week at Sacred Heart hospital.  Kim had a hemorrhagic brain bleed about 8 weeks ago.  She had been in rehab when the bleed re-occurred according to husband, Barry and daughter, Kelsey who are staying with us.  They each take a “shift” and one stays with her day and night.  She is in the ICU.  Kim is just 55 years young. 
Chris Hubbard remains at Consulate rehabilitation center here in Pensacola.  He is still on the schedule to have his kidney stones removed February 17 at Baptist hospital.  His parents, Kathy and James make day trips from Hattiesburg, MS to visit.  Chris remains on oxygen and requires breathing treatments for his stage 4 COPD.  Chris is just 45 years young. 
Carolyn Durkee, of Baker, FL, continues to have out-patient radiation therapy for breast cancer.  She is staying with one of our host families, Penny C.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers as a lung biopsy is coming for a suspicious area in her lung.  

This is a BIG request.  At this time, I only have ONE host family willing to take in out-patient chemotherapy patients.  I received a request from a sweet lady this week.  She is to start chemotherapy and radiation on February 10, 2020.  A host family/couple/individual is such a blessing.  Because of my families possibly exposing a cancer patient with infections, I cannot take these patients into our home.  In the NEW Vineyard, we will be able to house TWO out-patient cancer therapy patients and their caregivers.  Renovation of the carriage house is going on!  I am including pictures of the work done.  We hope to open in late spring.  

Do you have it in your heart to accept these kinds of patients.  Transportation if needed is provided by our partner, The American Cancer Society.  We will be glad to off-set any groceries or supplies you may need for these out-patients.  Most of the times, these patients are only here for a few days a week and go back to their homes when they are not scheduled for therapy.  

YOU will receive such a blessing  for taking in these out-patients far out-weigh the idea of having a house guest for a few weeks. Please call me on my cell below for any further details.  

Since Hurricane Michael, our requests for out-patient chemotherapy patients has tripled!  We are partnering with the American Cancer Society to help this over-load! 

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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