Prayer Updates on All our Families here at The Vineyard Family House!

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Dear Family and Friends: 
Monday is Veteran’s Day. Dennis and I are so grateful, and SO proud of our son, Chief Marc L. Helm, U.S. Navy who is currently stationed in Norfolk, Virginia,  FC3 Cody Helm, U.S. Navy, our grandson who is currently stationed in San Diego, California, and going into the Air Force, as a medical corpsman, our grand-daughter, Cayla Helm. We recognize them and all our Veterans for what they do, and continue to do for our sacred freedoms. If you see or talk to a vet today, remember to say “Thank You! for your service to Our Country!”

Here is the breakdown of everyone that we have been taking care of.  It has continued to remain “intense” here at the Vineyard.  We, of course, could not do everything we do without His prayer partners. Please continue to lift our families up in your prayers. 

West Florida Rehabilitation Center:Christy Taylor- Severe left side of body stroke Christy’s family has been with us since September 12, 2019.  Christy was in Sacred Heart hospital and now at the West Florida Hospital Rehabilitation Center.  Per her mom, Sherry, Christy still has substantial left sided weakness. As of today she has also developed an infection at the incision site on her head.  She is on IV antibiotics.  She has been doing well in rehab.  Learning how to move from the bed to a chair.  She can only say “Yes” and “No”.  No other words.  Her parents appreciate all prayers.  Christy is just 39 years young. 

Cari Hill- Hit and run at Pensacola Beach.  Repaired left hip fracture in multiple places.  Repaired Left clavicle (collar bone), Multiple broken rib on both left and right side of her body. Three fractured neck vertebrae.  Cari is 41 years young. This family has been with us since September 30, 2019.Cari, according to mom is doing fantastic!  She is learning to walk again with assistance.  She has most of her memory.  Per mom, Gina Hill who has been staying with us, Cari remembers that the car that nearly ran her over was dark in color and had their lights out.  The police have not found anyone yet.  But, Cari is SO lucky to be alive!  She has re-dedicated her life to Christ!!!  Cari’s parents are from Yankee Town, FL.  Cari is scheduled to go home November 15!!! 
Select Specialty Hospital:Michelle Fawks- Brain Aneurysm.  Michelle is 51 years young.

Per her husband Dan, Michelle has had a permanent shunt placed in her brain to continue to drain the fluid and blood.  This has greatly improved her alert status.  She can say some words now.  Per Dan, she will remember family details, then suddenly forget them.  Michelle and Dan were in Pensacola for a family reunion when her brain aneurysm occurred.  Michelle’s family has been with us since September 12, 2019.  This family is from Alabaster, AL near Birmingham. 

Chris Hubbard- 45 year old  with Stage 4 COPD, Severe Asthma, ventilator dependent young man with a stomach feeding tube.

Transferred from Hattiesburg, MS, Chris, per his mom, Kathleen is doing better this week with his fine motor skills.  Last week he stood for the first time in more that a month.  This week he has severe feet and leg pain from not being able to use his legs per Kathleen.  The doctors are now placing Chris on a ventilator weaning schedule.  So far, he is tolerating this.  Mom and Dad asks for continued prayers! This family has been with us since October 18, 2019.
Richard Higbee- Brain Stem Stroke.  66 years young.  Transferred to Select from Panama City, FL on October 15, 2019 
Per his sweet wife, Carol, Richard cannot speak.  Cannot move any extremities except involuntary movements. Jacksonville FL came to evaluate him for possible further therapy.  She felt they were at a crossroads for Richard. He was moved just yesterday, to Chipley, FL.  The rehabilitation center there accepted his Veteran’s insurance.  I was blessed to pray with Carol and Richard.  Their home is just 9 miles from this rehabilitation center.  Carol shared with me that she feels at peace with her decision and that Richard is really going home. Richard served our country fighting for our freedom.  We have been honored to take care of and pray for this sweet couple.
Sacred Heart Hospital:Tom Gorman- Severe left sided stroke.  Tom is 61 years young.  Transferred from Panama City, FL.Per Robin, his wife, Tom is still not able to speak much.  Just a couple of words. He cannot walk, or stand.  He is to move to Pruitt Healthcare in Milton, FL to a nursing home there.  Robin has been trying to get him closer to their home in Miramar Beach, FL.  Robin is asking for any prayers to assist them both in his care and recovery and for her and the family being able to be closer to Tom.  Tom’s family has been with us since July 19, 2019.

Final Note:Last week I received a great call.  Marilyn Colburn, from California sang in the First Baptist’s Church choir during the time her husband was here from May thru August of this past summer. With great sadness, Lynn, her beloved husband passed away in August.  Marilyn called to wish me a Happy Birthday- AND, she sold her house that day!!

She is moving here in about a month! 

Marilyn Colburn has found a NEW Church here in Pensacola at First Baptist Church. ALL of you have reached out and shown Christ’s love to her and her family.  She has a daughter that lives in Lynn Haven, FL., but has chosen to come and live here and be a part of this community!  She has already shared that she has a definite plan to be a volunteer at the Vineyard Family House! 

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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