Prayer Updates on All our families here at the Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:
Chris Hubbard:  Consulate Rehab.  Per his mom, Kathy, Chris’s hemoglobin count is going down.  The doctors are worried he may be bleeding internally.  He will be re-admitted back to Baptist Hospital for blood infusion(s) as needed.  His parents, sadly cannot visit him either as all of our families are under different quarantine rules.  Because Chris is in a nursing home/rehab facility, NO outside visitors at this time. Parents Kathy and James are from Hattiesburg, MS.  Chris remains on oxygen for his stage 4 COPD and asthma.  He continues to try and get out of his room and walk with his walker and physical therapy assistance.  
Update on Tim Anderson:  He continues to do well at Mobile Infirmary in Mobile Alabama.  Hoping to be home soon.  Walking with assistance, going to physical rehabilitation department every day.  At just 42 years young, he overcame the H1N1 flu by being placed on ECMO at Baptist hospital and rehabilitation at Select Specialty hospital.  He is a true miracle! 
Kim Denman:  West Florida Rehabilitation.  Kim is in physical rehab at least 3 hours every day, along with speech and vocational rehabilitation.  Her clarity of her surroundings, speech, and mental status is phenomenal!  Surviving not one but three hemorrhagic brain bleeds, Kim, at 52 years young is a miracle also per her daughter Kelsey and husband Barry who have been with us since mid January.  Kim had her first brain bleed in early October, 2019.  We have learned that ALL of our families sacrifice while they are here. Kelsey who normally travels with her job stopped traveling before the COVID-19 became serious, Then, her husband, Karl took another job in Denver, CO.  Kelsey chose to stay here verses traveling and assisting her husband with the move from Arkansas.  As it turned out, Florida would have quarantined her for two weeks!  Because only one family member can be with Kim, she and her dad trade off every night.  This diligence has paid off.  Kim is progressing so well, they have high hopes of being able to go home to Ft. Walton Beach, Florida early April.  
Shirley Oliver:  Select Specialty hospital.  Our last report was that Shirley is ventilator dependent following her heart attack, heart stent placement, and subsequent pneumonia.  He continues to remain by her side at Select, with his daughters bringing him clean clothes, encouragement, and limited non-perishable foods.  We, sadly, cannot visit her.  On my last visit, I did get to meet her sister.  Ms. Shirley would not wake up for her when I came in.  Ms. Shirley is just 73 years young.  Please keep her and her family in prayer.  They are from Evergreen, Alabama. 
Kim Sokolow:  Select Specialty hospital.  Kim was on ECMO when Tim Anderson was also at Baptist hospital.  Per Greg her husband, she also contracted the H1N1 flu virus.  Transferred to Select, she weaned off the ventilator.  But, last week, she required being re-intubated and placed back on the ventilator.  Early this week, her tracheotomy was re-done.  Per Greg, she has pneumonia.  The family would like to move her closer to home in Orlando, Florida.  They are looking into options to move her.  
Christy Taylor:  Sacred Heart hospital.  Christy was discharged to home with her parents, Sherry and Clifford to care for her.  Christy, at just 39 years young had a horrific stroke per mom, Sherry who stayed with us.  She developed a systemic infection that required two weeks of intense IV antibiotics.  Christy continues to progress slowly following her stroke per mom. 
JoAnn Coleman.  Baptist Hospital ICU.  Per Erika her daughter, JoAnn’s condition has not improved according to her doctors.  JoAnn had a heart attack and a series of strokes about 3 weeks ago.  From Monroeville, AL, JoAnn was transferred to Baptist for further evaluation.  Erika and her husband, Eric have met with the doctors and the decision made is to move mom to hospice care tomorrow.  Please keep this sweet family in your prayers also. 
With each family we discussed, many prayer concerns were lifted.  Because we cannot physically visit the sick at this time, we rely our families calling or texting us back with up-dates.  As you lift each family up, please know your prayers are comforting  these families. You keep hearing on the TV, radio stations, and even in the news papers, “We are all in this together”.  We WILL get through this.  
We are His family, the Family of God!
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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