Prayer Updates on all our families here at the Vineyard Family House!

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Dear Family & Friends:

What a busy two weeks it has been here! 

Christy Taylor graduated to West Florida Rehabilitation Center earlier this week.  She may not be able to get most words out, but according to mom, Sherry who has been staying with us, Christy understands what you are talking about, recognizes words, symbols like soft drink logo’s, and has been doing physical, occupational, and speech therapy some days 4-6 hours a day.  Christy is recovering from an hemorrhagic stroke.  She is just 39 years young.  She and her family are from the Panama City, Florida area. 

Michelle Fawks, from Alabaster, Alabama had a rough week last week, but is doing so much better this week.  From Dan, her husband, Michelle had re-accumulated fluid and blood in the area of her brain where she had her aneurysm now 7 weeks ago.  She became listless, and unresponsive.  She was taken back to surgery and now has a permanent shunt in that area of the brain.  Per Dan, she is starting to speak some words and is much more alert.  She has been transferred to Select Specialty hospital for further rehabilitation.  Michelle is to be weaned from her tracheotomy and hopefully to be transferred to a facility for further rehabilitation near home.  At just 52 years young, she has come a long way per Dan.  We continue to lift her up in our prayers.Cari Hill, from Pace Florida also has had a roller coaster of health this past two weeks.  Last week she went back to surgery to have another pocket of infection drained per her mom and dad who have been staying with us.  She had the plate attached to her broken left hip removed per mom and had more screws placed to further strengthen the hip.  Cari, as you recall is recovering from a near deadly hit and run accident now 4 weeks ago in which she was hit from behind and left unconscious by the road side. She was moved this week to West Florida Hospital Rehabilitation Center. Her parents are from Yankeetown, Florida. 

Chris Hubbard, just 41 years young is doing very well according to mom, Kathleen, who has been staying with Penny C.  She was sharing with me today that Chris stood for the first time by himself at Select Specialty hospital in more than a month!  He is recovering from severe asthma, stage 4 COPD.  He had been on a ventilator for several weeks.  Per mom, his oxygen needs go up and down with any and all physical exercises.  She is very appreciative of all the prayers everyone has been sending her son.

Richard Higbee is also recovering from a severe stroke.  Wife, Carol is one of our “in and out” house guests.  She stays all night with Richard, and comes over to do laundry and grab a bite to eat.  The Higbee’s are from Chipley, Florida.  Per Carol, Richard had a brain stem stroke.  He cannot talk yet, but, he is always glad to see a smiling face! He is at Select Specialty rehabilitation center.

Tom Gorman is still in room 446 at Sacred Heart Hospital. Tom had a stroke in early July of this year.  Per Robin, his wife, she has been trying in earnest to get him transferred to a center closer to Miramar Beach, Florida.  Tom can now say simple words like “Yes” and “No”.  His left side is still very weak per Robin also.  Please continue to pray for him and his family. 

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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