Prayer Updates on our families here at the Vineyard Family House

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  • Dear Family and Friends: 
    Covenant Care hospice- Sacred Heart Hospital    Dennis Williams- just 69 years young, was at the Pensacola airport just this past Monday to fly out and meet up with his sisters.  While at the airport, he lost his balance, fell, and hit his head.  He immediately “popped” up and said he was “ok”.  His wife, Suzanne left him feeling assured he was fine..  Forty five minutes later she received a call that Dennis had been rushed to Sacred Heart hospital not breathing.  He was immediately sent into surgery for a severe brain bleed.  Dennis has not shown any signs of awakening.  He was moved to hospice as of last night.  We are now hosting all three of his sisters, Donna, Joanie, and Liza from Colorado and Virginia. Dennis and Suzanne are dear friends of ours and our church family.  Please keep the entire family in your prayers. 
    Sacred Heart Hospital- Room 446Tom Gorman.  Stroke patient.  Robin, his wife continues to try and get him transferred to a facility close to Miramar Beach, Florida.  Tom’s speaking abilities have continued to be very limited per Robin.  He continues to have severe left sided weakness also.  Please continue those prayers. 
    ICU-474- Michele Fawks:Michele was moved from Select Hospital to Sacred Heart early Thursday morning for possible seizures and non-responsiveness per Dan, her husband.  As it turns out per Dan, the doctors discovered an urinary tract infection and her brain shunt wasn’t draining properly.  Today, per Dan, she is back to her “old self”, speaking, and moving about as she was before the infection and shunt issues.  IF, she continues to do well, she is to be transferred closer to their home in Alabaster, Alabama!  Who- Ho!  Just in time for Thanksgiving!  Michele, as you recall, had her brain aneurysm September, 12, 2019.  This has been a long 10 weeks for Dan and Michele’s families.  Praying she gets to be transferred! 
    West Florida Rehabilitation Center- Room 1003Christy Taylor- 39 years young, Severe stroke September 12, 2019.  Christy gave her family a real scare by needing to be moved from the Rehabilitation center at West Florida, to ICU, to a regular room and now back to rehab.  Her speech, per her mom, Sherry who has been staying with us, has not improved much.  She has been having leg spasms also.  This latest event has greatly affected her physical therapy sessions.  Sherry has shared with me today, that Christy is to be released this coming Wednesday.  She is going to her dad’s house for in-home care.  Sherry is also going to help with her care as she lives a very short distance.  Per Sherry, she is asking for improvement of Christy’s leg spasms, improved physical strength, and speech.  
    Consulate Health Care-Per Kathleen, Chris Hubbard’s mom, Chris has been doing fantastic at Consulate!  His tracheotomy is out, he is eating soft foods now, and… He is improving per his physical therapy sessions by moving both upper and lower body areas.  He is able to stand beside his bed with some assistance.  Wow!  These are big prayers answered.  Chris is just 45 years young and has stage 4 COPD and severe asthma.  Thanks Penny C., for taking in Chris’s parents. 
    Pictures are of Suzanne and Dennis Williams, and, Cari Hill, our hit and run young lady that is now standing  on her own!!  Faces with names to keep in your prayers tonight.  
    Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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