Prayer Updates on our families here at The Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:
Please continue your prayers for our families staying with us.  
We are diligently working on the main house to renovate, repair, and finish the bedrooms upstairs.  Just this week, Dennis, a plaster/drywall repairman continues repair of walls and ceilings both upstairs and downstairs.  He is contracted to also paint the stairwell as these are 50 feet tall walls.  Scaffolding is needed to do these repairs. Mr. Pat continues to work on bedroom and bathroom 4.  Volunteers come to clean, wash and iron linens, yardwork, and paint Tuesdays and Thursdays.  
Nathan Brown, per his parents, has had both a good and bad week.  He had two chest tubes removed on his right side earlier in the week, only to have one replaced today for re-expansion of his lung.  They started physical therapy this week also.  But, he has been battling nausea and required re-adjustment of his ECMO tubes tonight via surgery.  Nathan is post-Covid, His lungs have become weakened from the virus. Nathan is just 27 years young. 
Darryl Jackson also has had a battle with his health as well this week.  Per his brother, Leon who has been staying with us, Darryl sustained a fall and was unconscious for more than 24 hours this week.  His family sent out lots of prayer requests.  Darryl “woke up” and is now speaking clearly!    Darryl, as you recall, sustained a brain bleed almost a month ago while on vacation here with his son.  Yuko, his wife, Darryl’s sister, and brothers are all taking turns so that a family member is here with him every day. 
We are grateful for our volunteers, workers, prayer partners, and all those who support this ministry.  We have much to do, but, God is the source for ALL our needs! 

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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