Prayer Updates on our House guests here at the Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:
Tom Gorman is making some progress per Robin, his wife who is back staying with us.  She said he is making some words.  With assistance, he is walking a little.  She took him outside yesterday and he really enjoyed the sun.  She is trying in earnest to get him transferred to a facility as near to Miramar Beach as possible.  Tom is recovering from a stroke.  
We wish we had better news about Christy Taylor.  Christy is just 39 years young.  In fact, she just had her birthday last week.  Christy had a major brain aneurysm stroke now two weeks ago.  She did receive a tracheotomy last week to make her more comfortable per mom, Sherry who is staying with us.  For the past couple of days, though, Christy has not shown any signs of waking up, responding to her parents, or other outward signs of communication to the nurses and doctors at Sacred Heart hospital.  Sherry and Leslie, Christy’s parents love their daughter so much.  We believe in prayers.  Please keep her in yours tonight. 
Michelle Fawks has been slowly improving per her husband, David, and sons, Kaleb and Ryan who have all been staying with us.  Michelle, too, at just 51 years young suffered a major brain aneurysm now about 2 weeks ago.  She is still on life support, but per the sons, has been intermittently squeezing their hands when asked to.  Wow!  This simple little action is such a blessing.  Keep praying.  David is from Alabaster, AL..  Her sons are from central Florida, and Birmingham, AL area.  
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!

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