Prayer Updates, Praises, and Vineyard Renovation Updates!

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Dear Family and Friends:  
Prayer Updates on our two families we continue to lift up in prayer:
Chris Hubbard.  Just 46 years young.  Was transferred back to Consulate Rehab per his mom, Kathleen after a hospitalization at Baptist Hospital for pneumonia and a kidney infection.  She was telling me he is back in physical therapy.  Requires oxygen 24/7.  Has gone from walking 340 steps to just 20 with assistance.  Chris as you recall has stage 4 COPD and severe asthma.  Originally from Missouri, now a Florida resident for his insurance.  Parents continue to keep in contact with him Hattiesburg, MO.  Mom would love prayers for her son to have a better quality of life. Chris has been on our prayer chain since transferred here in October, 2019.
Shirley Oliver.  Just 73 years young.  January 5, 2020, Shirley had a heart attack and was transferred from Evergreen, AL to Sacred Heart per daughter, Tina.  She required mechanical ventilation and sadly became ventilator dependent and required kidney dialysis.  She was then transferred to Select Specialty rehabilitation hospital.  Six and one-half months later, she has been weaned off the ventilator several times, has had her tracheotomy removed twice, only to have respiratory failure and had a replaced tracheotomy.  Per Tina just a few days ago, mom has remained off the ventilator, requires very little oxygen per nasal cannula, but, her tracheotomy has not been removed for fear of  a third bout of respiratory failure.  She continues to require kidney dialysis.  Therein lies the problem per Tina.  Facilities near their home will take Ms. Shirley on dialysis.  No facility will take her with her tracheotomy.  Due to COVID-19, Select has a “no family” visitation still in effect.  Only “Face time” with family and friends.  Shirley wants to go home.  What a dilemma.  Please be in prayer for an outcome that will get this family back together. 

A prayer of hope.  This is what we all need.  A prayer for patience.  I know I need this!  We have continued to work on our new Vineyard during this time.  In the carriage house, we have all of the flooring in both down stairs and up stairs.  The kitchenette cabinets and bathroom cabinets will be finished this week.  Plumbing to follow with the sinks and toilets installed.  Upstairs in our apartment, kitchen cabinets to be completed this coming Tuesday and counter tops to be installed on Wednesday afternoon. All of the appliances both upstairs and downstairs to follow.  The electricians have been busy also.  The air-conditioning guys have been working to install the needed units in the carriage house also.  I am including pictures of the new parking area and sidewalk to the carriage house.  LOTS going on.  In the meantime, Dennis and I and my faithful volunteers are working on Euclid to get it ready to sell.  Hoping to be ready in the next two weeks also.  What fun! 
The “photo of the week” is a picture my brother-in-law sent me recently.  It was taken taken in Floyds Knobs, Indiana after a storm.  Sharon Click quickly took 4 pictures because she was SO amazed at the clouds. No matter what is going on.  No matter how many times we hear “During these challenging times”, God has this!  God has us in the palm of His Hands.  Proverbs 30:4  “God holds us in the palm of His hand…..”. 
I saw this in a post Quint Studer, a local Florida businessman and philanthropist posted.  The author is Kathleen O’Meara.  Please read it all the way through and note when it was written.  
God has this!  God has us! 
    And people stayed home
    and read books and listened    and rested and exercised     and made art and played    and learned new ways of being     and stopped    and listened deeper    someone mediated    someone prayed     someone danced     someone met their shadow    and people began to think differently     and people began to think differently     and people healed    and in the absence of people who lived in     ignorant ways,     dangerous, meaningless and heartless,     even the earth began to heal    and when the danger ended    and people found each other    grieved for the dead people    and they mad new choices    and dreamed of new visions    and created new ways of life    and healed the earth completely    just as they were healed themselvesKathleen O’Meara, (1839-1888)
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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