Our Family House is reserved for individuals who are in desperate need of a safe haven from emotional and financial hardship as a result of a family healthcare crisis.
Whether you need a night or two or a long-term stay, we will do everything we can to accommodate and support you at no cost.
“They helped me through some really hard and rough times. They are my second family.”


In spring of 2011, my husband went to Sacred Heart Hospital to have gastric bypass surgery. Everything went according to plan until the second day after the operation; he suddenly was not getting enough oxygen and the doctors had to put him into a comatose state where a machine was breathing for him.

My life changed instantly. I live near Tallahassee, and as a retiree on a fixed income, I couldn’t afford a costly hotel. To be near my husband, I slept in the hospital chairs and did sponge baths in the hospital bathroom. After a month, they transferred my husband to Baptist Hospital, where a chaplain mentioned Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House.

I had no hesitations about staying with them. They invited me into their home, and I felt joyful for the first time in a long time. I couldn’t believe how nice they were. I was exhausted, and they fed me and made me feel comfortable. I got a first good night’s sleep in a month. It felt so good to not be sleeping on chairs and not worry about having enough money to get something to eat. The house was so comfortable and quiet. It felt like home.

Little did I know, but I’d be a guest for six months. During that time, I had my own room and washed my own clothes. It felt good to do my share at the house – I liked to do the dishes and run errands. They didn’t want me to help, but I was glad to take my mind off of what was happening with my husband. We went to church together and went to yard sales on the weekends. They became my second family – joking around to lighten my mood and offering comfort when I needed it.

On November 5th 2011, Baptist rehab called and told me my husband had a heart attack and took a turn for the worse. By the time I got there, he had had another major heart attack and passed. Marty and Dennis came to the hospital and helped me, and even came to his funeral.

If you haven’t been through it, you don’t know what it’s like. It’s lot of stress: you don’t know if your loved one is going to make it or how you’ll pay the bills at home. People asked, how did you do it? I put one foot in front of the other and did what I had to do. But without Marty and Dennis, I don’t know what I would’ve done. Even years later, they are my best friends. You couldn’t ask for better people—they are truly wonderful.

Paula Cross
Stayed in April 2023
I came from Louisiana to support and help my daughter Sarah and son-in-law Travis, who did not live in Pensacola. We needed a local place to stay while we were at the hospital and rehab every day. We were blessed to hear about Martha’s Vineyard through my daughter’s job. Marty and Dennis offered us a place free of charge as long as we needed, which turned out to be two weeks. 

Martha’s Vineyard is a place of peace and beauty. What a wonderful ministry. Marty was an awesome host. She made sure we had everything we needed on a daily basis. She also made us feel like we were part of the ministry by telling joyful testimonies of how God used Martha’s Vineyard to be a blessing to many others who found themselves in the same situation as ours. Having a place to stay nearby was one less thing to be concerned about and we could focus all our attention on helping our loved one get well. 

Please support this Ministry that God has poured into the hearts of Marty and Dennis, with your prayers and if the Lord leads you please make a donation to this ministry. It is indeed a selfless act of love to help people in need, free of charge, without expecting anything in return. 

Martha’s Vineyard is a place of love and accepts all regardless of race or religion. 

Thank you Marty and Dennis for your faithfulness to God and beautiful hospitality.

Sarah and Travis
Stayed in April 2023
My husband had a traumatic brain injury, which led to an extended stay in the ICU and then inpatient rehabilitation center. While he was admitted into the ICU I didn’t know whether he was going to live or die. There was so much going on and so many hospital staff coming in and out. During this time my mom came from out of state. I had no idea where we were going to stay since we didn’t live in the local area. At that point we were sleeping in the ICU room. However, my job sent me the application to apply for Martha’s Vineyard The Family House. Things were moving so fast, but thank God he put in my spirit to take the time to submit the application.

Once I received the approval that my mom and I would be able to stay at The Family House it was such a relief and I was so joyful! The accommodations have everything you need. Very clean, comfortable, stocked with all necessary supplies, in a safe area, and easy access to the interstate to get around. All of this free of charge and for as long as you need it. The most special part of staying at the house are the amazing host, Marty and Dennis, who are being obedient servants that are doing Gods work.

I prayed during my time of distress and I can say without a doubt one of the answers to my prayers was having the privilege of staying at The Family House. I pray that they continue to be vessels used by God to do his work and spread love to all they encounter.

If you are blessed to stay at The Family House just know that it will be a place of peace in the mist of your storm. Also, if you feel led please donate to their ministry and know that you will be contributing to a good cause. Thank you Marty and Dennis, please continue to bless others as God has blessed you!
Jordan Lo
Stayed in April 29, 2017
Thank you for your generosity and hospitality. Words couldn't express how much we appreciate all your support, prayers, and friendship. We will treasure Pensacola and the time we spent together as our Pensacola Family. Susie, Jordan, Simon, and Makayla Lo Note: Jordan, United States Navy was run down by a drunk drive April 29, 2017; along with seven other USN pilots. Jordan was the most injured pilot. He came very close to being declared "brain dead", when miraculously he awoke! He was transferred to California to a military rehabilitation center. It took seven months and he continues even today in physical therapy. He has hopes to continue his Navy career.
Rebecca Harris
Stayed in January 2011
I can’t say enough good things about Martha’s Vineyard and Marty and Dennis Tackett, and all the great friends who support them. On January 3rd, 2011, my husband Ken fell gravely ill with pneumonia while we were vacationing in Florida, and spent the entire month of January in Sacred Heart of Pensacola’s Adult Critical Care Unit (and an additional three weeks in the hospital in Ohio, where we live). In the beginning, there were doubts that he would survive, but when Marty and Dennis took me in (and gave beds to my daughter and son while they were there), they immediately put Ken on every prayer list they could reach (which eventually reached across the nation, I understand). We prayed together, and they made an unimaginable ordeal so much easier for us to bear.

I’m happy to say Ken has made an almost complete recovery (he just needs to build up his stamina, but otherwise he’s back to normal), and I attribute that not only to the excellent care of his doctors and nurses, but to the many heartfelt prayers that were sent for his sake. I must also mention Sean Latham, who told us a story one night in the Tacketts’ kitchen, only weeks before he passed away, detailing his encounter with God. Perhaps, where he is, he knows how much it affected me, as I often doubt so much.

I pray that Martha’s Vineyard will continue doing the good work it does. I’ll pray for Marty and Dennis Tackett too, but they don’t need my prayers as they’ve already earned their place in Heaven.
Neva Liner
Stayed from October 2, 2013 – December 6, 2013
My son Jerry was injured in a horrific car accident in Foley, Alabama on September 29, 2013. He had a traumatic brain injury, a broken neck, a spinal cord injury, a compound break and crushed right wrist and arm, severed arteries, two fingers almost severed, a broken right hip, an injury to his scrotum, a torn colon, a nick to his liver, a nick to his spleen, kidney damage and a host of other internal injuries. Jerry was airlifted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, Florida.

Jerry’s sister Tracy and I live northeast of Birmingham, Alabama. As soon as we got the call September 30th, we left our homes at 3:00 am headed to Pensacola, not expecting Jerry to be alive when we got there. When we arrived at Sacred Heart, Jerry was on a breathing machine and had already had surgery on his neck and spinal cord, his internal injuries and his right arm. The doctors were all doom and gloom when they talked to us.

Tracy and I slept in the SICU waiting room and after 3 days we so badly needed our hair washed and a shower. The social worker told us about Martha’s Vineyard. It was a house a couple of miles from the hospital that was run by a husband and wife for families far from home with a loved one in the hospital. That description was not even close!! I really didn’t want to leave the hospital but my daughter told me that if I was going to stay in Pensacola (and we knew that it was going to be a long stay) that we should check it out.

I called Martha’s Vineyard that afternoon and Tracy and I went there to see what it was about. I stayed at Martha’s Vineyard from that day, October 2, 2013 until I left last Friday, December 6, 2013. Martha’s Vineyard is not just a house. It is a beautiful home and Marty and Dennis Tackett aren’t just a married couple living there. They were my angels on earth. I talked to my daughter everyday and she held me up but Marty and Dennis and their home were also there for me everyday. I had a clean bed to sleep in. I had a clean bathroom and all the food that I could eat. They listened to mine and Jerry’s problems and triumphs every night and every morning over coffee or supper. They became my friends and now they are like family. When my car was in the shop for two weeks, Marty carried me back and forth in her car. My car was suppose to be ready three days before Thanksgiving. It wasn’t ready the day before Thanksgiving and Marty MADE me take her personal car and go home for Thanksgiving. I saw Marty be the Taxi for other people staying there that didn’t have transportation. Dennis was always asking if there was anything that they could do for me or anything that I needed. I had everything that I needed and more.

Jerry checked out of the nursing home in Pensacola today, October 11 and went to live with his girlfriend in Foley. He is walking. He is eating with his left hand. All of his organs are working great. He will need surgery on his eyes and Marty told me to check with them if I come down for the surgery and maybe they will have a room. You can bet that if I go back to Pensacola anytime, I will see my family Marty and Dennis Tackett. Without them and Martha’s Vineyard, I don’t know how I would have been able to be there with Jerry through everything.

GOD is GREAT!! He let me keep my son and he healed my son and he kept me well and sane. He also gave me Martha’s Vineyard and Marty and Dennis Tackett and for all of this I am gratefull. God is with you my friends in your quest to care for people like Jerry, Tracy and I. I Love You Both, Neva
Katherine Montalvo
Stayed in Summer 2015
My son was in a critical accidental last summer in 2015. He was in Neuro Intensive care with a severe head injury in Baptist Hospital. This ministry allowed me to stay in Pensacola without having to pay hotel expenses. The home that I stayed in was very warm and nurturing. It was a tremendous blessing in my time of need. My son is doing great. He went back to work this summer and has only minor traces of the accident. I cannot begin to thank you enough for everything you did for us. –Katherine Montalvo, mom of Derek Montalvo.
Becky Williams
Stayed in Spring 2015 & 2016
I had the pleasure of meeting Marty and Dennis in March of 2015, when my husband was at Sacred Heart Hospital for bladder surgery. My sons were concerned about me driving back and forth to Crestview at night after spending the day at the hospital. My son called the Ronald MacDonald House and was told that it was basically for families who had children in hospital. He was told to contact Martha’s Vineyard. He did and what a Blessing! I found it to be very friendly and homey. I was made to feel like it was my home. The things I found most amazing was Marty and Dennis’s willingness to help me in any way possible, if I didn’t feel like talking they left me alone, if I had questions about something the Doctor said Marty would use medical expertise and explain it layman’s terms, and if needed spiritual guidance Dennis and Marty were both to hear you and pray with you. I was so happy staying there that it helped my husband recover quicker because he didn’t have to worry about me.
In 2016, I called Marty and ask if there was a room for a repeat guest. The answer was yes and I was delighted. This visit lasted for about two months. Every kind of help, encouragement and spiritual uplifting was still there. Not only is a Martha’s Vineyard a home away from home, but it was amazing to see the guests worry and give encouragement to the other guests despite what they and their loved ones are going through. I still keep in touch with some of the people I met during my stay. We don’t have enough room for me to say everything that is in heart about the Tacketts and the work they are doing here on earth for the Lord. May God Bless Marty and Dennis and their guests. -Becky Williams
Victor & Cherita Andrews
Stayed in Spring 2016
My son Victor, a Corpsman in the U.S. Navy, was stationed in Pensacola when he injured his right shoulder. After months of physical therapy, it was determined that he would need surgery to repair the damage. When he told me he needed surgery, there was no question that I was coming to Pensacola. That’s when the challenge arose. It was at the height of the summer tourist season and there was “no room in the inn”. I tried everywhere and then I heard about Martha’s Vineyard. I called Marty and it felt like I had connected with family. She and Dennis welcomed us with open arms. My son, being the man and Navy guy he is, told me that the procedure would be done out-patient on Friday and he would be back at the base on Monday. I told Marty and she just smiled and said just know you are welcome to stay as long as you need too. Well, six weeks later we finally packed up and got Victor back to the base.
I was a mother with a son that was far away from home serving our country. He was about to have surgery and I had no place to stay. Not going was not an option and even if I had to sleep in the car I was going to be there. When I say that Martha’s Vineyard, Marty and Dennis were a BLESSING, that’s an understatement. They not only took our family in, they became family. There only concern was that my son get well and our family was taken care of. What an awesome mission they have been given and they have embraced it with love, compassion and commitment.
Our lives have been forever changed because we encountered real LOVE! Blessing, Victor & Cherita Andrews Grateful Parents of Victor Lee Andrews, US Navy