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Dear Family and Friends:
We have been honored for the past three years by the family of Sharon HessHerrick to co-share her fall fundraiser for the Camp Seale Harris in honor of Mary Alice Price and Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House.
Every year we are asked what items we need here at the Vineyard that would help not only our families but items we use to take care of the house. Last year this blessed group of charitable givers not only gave us donations, but so many needed items. For instance, we had enough bottled water to last us until June, 2018! Everything adds up. Thank you again Sharon and Doug for leading the “charge” in this event!

Items the Vineyard can use:

Paper Towels
“Scott” toilet tissue- Our plumbing likes the single ply!
bottled water
peanut butter/cheese crackers
fiber/high protein bars
soups to go- easy single serve (make great lunches for our families to take with them to the hospital)
Bevita crackers
rice crispy treats
V-8 individual cans- we found out by accident our families love this stuff!
We supply the bathrooms with:
Big pump bottles of shampoo
Body bath soap- all of these pump please
BOTH men’s and women’s deodorant – One of our No 1 requests!
chap stick lip gloss
fingernail clippers/ nail files
Mens and womens razors
shaving cream
Hair spray- large cans we keep in each bathroom–They can find them quickly
hair brushes and combs- second most requested item
both men’s and women’s socks
both men’s and women’s underwear (boxers please!)
Gently used both men’s and women’s pajamas- A lot of families have either forgotten to pack these, or came without them!
All sizes of men’s T-shirts
women’s house slippers

Washing soap powder or liquid, bleach, and ALWAYS, Real Pine Sol!


Blessings to ALL of you!!

Marty & Dennis Tackett
Resident Servants
Martha’s Vineyard: The Family House

Mary Alice Price Event
Sponsor: McAlpin Interiors
and Doug Herrick and Sharon HessHerrick