Updates on our families here at Martha’s Vineyard and repairs to The Vineyard!

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Dear Family and Friends:
Per Dave N. yesterday, his wife, Vicki is off ECMO!!!  She is doing so better on her breathing, her lungs per xrays are also so much better.  From Port St. Lucie, Florida, Vicki was flown here 48 days ago and placed on ECMO (heart-lung bypass) to help her overcome COVID.  She has lupus, and the COVID attacked her lungs.  Dave’s exact words:  “You guys have some AWESOME prayer warriors!!”  Vicki is just 47 years young. 
Nathan B., just 27 years young is also battling the effects COVID has done to his lungs.  Per dad and mom, Nathan’s oxygen requirements are at 40% and his flow on the ECMO machine has been reduced to 6.  He still has a couple of chest tubes.  BUT, the physical therapy department has been working with him and actually had him take a couple of steps (Yes, all hooked up to a ventilator and ECMO machine).  He is trying so hard to get his lungs well enough to come off ECMO.  
Our volunteers continue to make a difference to The Vineyard Family House.  A VERY big “Thank You!” to Tornado Fencing!  They repaired and replaced all the 4 x 4’s posts and pickets to the back fence which had been knocked down from a fallen tree from Hurricane Sally last year.  We had to wait in line like so many others to get the fence fixed.  A lot of patience!  Volunteers Alicia and Kris Hahn power washed the fence clean this past Friday.  It is Alicia on the ladder.  
Please continue to pray for our families.  Your prayers are being heard by Our Father.  
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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