Updates on our families here at the Vineyard Family House and Christmas Open House!

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Dear Family and Friends: 

Tom Gorman was transferred to a Destin, Florida rehabilitation center just yesterday.  Robin, his wife, is so thrilled to have him now closer to Miramar Beach, Florida and all of their family.  Tom has been a patient at Sacred Heart hospital for more than 5 months and just recently, University Hills rehabilitation center.  Robin expressed to me she is thankful for all the prayers that have been sent to Tom who had a massive stroke early July. 

Derrick Belcher, Select Specialty hospital.  Per his mom, Tez Belcher, Derrick continues to have “bad” days verses “good”.  Derrick has a tracheotomy and requires ventilator assistance at night.  He has a stomach feeding tube and is on dialysis.  Because he has been in a bed for so long he suffers from extreme muscle cramping per Tez.  Derrick had a cardiac arrest of unknown etiology two months ago.  The Belchers are from the Mobile, AL area.

Robbie French, Sacred Heart hospital.  Robbie, according to mom is not doing well.  Cheryl and Tom, his parents who have been staying with us, are very worried.  Robbie had a severe brain hemorrhage approximately two weeks ago.  He has had surgery to relieve the intracranial pressure and has had a tracheotomy to make his mechanical ventilation more comfortable.  Robbie has remained in a coma-like state since his tracheotomy procedure.  This family is from Covington, Louisiana.

Carolyn Durkee, Baker, Florida.  Carolyn is undergoing out-patient radiation for breast cancer.  She is staying with Penny C. during the week and returns home to be with her husband on the weekends.  She is doing well, the radiation treatments tire her out.

Chris Hubbard, now Consulate rehab.  Chris was in Baptist hospital for treatment of a severe kidney infection per mom, Kathleen who has been staying with us.  He was taken to surgery but all of the kidney stones could not be removed.  A stent was placed per Kathleen.  He was transferred back to Consulate for another two weeks of IV antibiotics and physical therapy.  She asks for further prayers for Chris as he has now stepped back a couple of steps and has to re-start therapy on walking again. 

We want to thank EVERYONE who was able to come to the Christmas Open House at 110 West Strong Street.  As we continue to operate out of 111 Euclid Street, we will begin taking in house guests at 110 West Strong Street later this month.  We have  one bedroom done as you will see in the pictures.  We have already started the renovations of the carriage house, parking area, and backyard decking and landscaping.  More pictures every week! 

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
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