Updates on our families here at the Vineyard Family House

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Dear Family and Friends:

While we were delivering meals, two of our families shared that they would be taking their loved ones home.  

John shared that the ambulance was already on their way to take his wife home for “comfort care”.  Per John, her COPD, coupled with her heart attack had weakened her body to such a level that Cynthia could not be expected to recover.  He said she now requires a high level of oxygen to breathe comfortably.  He also shared that he was so very grateful for all the prayers sent their way, and just having the Vineyard to come to at night has been “Just the best!”

Ben shared with us that his wife, Angela, was being released for home health & physical therapy tomorrow morning.  They have an 8 hour drive back to Tennessee. With multiple broken bones that have been pinned, casted, set, he feels certain that their journey home was going to be a long one. 

Please continue to pray for Jared, son of Jim and Jane.  Jared is now on a list to find a center to assist him in long term care per Jim, his dad.  Jared, as you recall, had an anoxic brain injury now 5 months ago. This family is from Graceville, Florida. 

Please continue to pray for Glen.  His sister-in-law, Cynthia has been with us for the past 2 weeks from Oregon.  Glen’s wife, Fay is to move in here after her husband is moved to a rehabilitation center here in Pensacola for further stroke therapy.  

Our Fall Wreath at the front door of the Vineyard Family House


Marty & Dennis Tackett

Resident Servants

Vineyard Family House


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