Vineyard Family House Updates after Hurricane Sally: Where we are at!

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Dear Family and Friends:
Wow!  I am learning something new everyday!!  Perseverance is a word I have come to admire from everyone who has assisted us in getting both houses done.  Packing up and touching up Euclid in readiness to sell, and Strong in preparation and renovation to a five bedroom, 5 1/2 bath main house and 2 one-bedroom efficiencies with kitchenettes for out-patient chemotherapy and kidney transplant patients and their caregivers.  
We have been so thankful to Philip Napier and his construction crews.  With them, we been so blessed to have so much of the work done before the storms hit our area. The enlarged parking lot will easily accommodate 7-8 vehicles.  
What has been going on here at the Vineyard for the past 3 months?  We had been diligently working on 110 West Strong Street when a couple of events really hit us.  First, hurricane Sally really hit us hard- especially at Strong.  We had no structural damage at Euclid, but a lot of cleanup.  We lost three trees in the backyard.  We have had to re-landscape the backyard.  Second, first me, then nearly all of my volunteers became positive with COVID-19. 
Just this past week, Dennis is now positive with COVID-19 also.  Work at Strong came to a halt.  I am going to share with you some pictures of what we have been dealing with these past months.  
Our original plans had been to already be in our apartment at Strong.  COVID has not stopped us from working at the Euclid house. Dennis and I have been re-painting every room.  Our carpenter Pat, and wife, Candy have been working on our apartment at Strong.  Thanks to Woodbine UMC, Summit Landscaping, and Panhandle Growers for their efforts in landscaping our side and back yards.  Because of all the storms, hurricanes, and tropical storms, our Certificate of Completion from the city of Pensacola was also delayed.  
BUT, we have said from the beginning of this project:  “God has this!”  God had blessed us with faithful givers who have sustained us during all of these events.  
We believe a tornado shredded the birch tree in the front yard of Strong.  A very large section of an oak tree broke off from our neighbor’s tree and landed on the carriage house.  Our side fence will have to be replaced as the other neighbor’s tree landed on it.  We lost over 1/3 of the shingles off the roof of the main house.  We have ceiling and insulation damage on the second floor of the main house.  The basement of the main house had 8 inches of seepage water that damaged shelving, supplies, and both water heaters.  The carriage house lost more than 25% of the shingles gone (this roof is just 6 months old), and a hole from the tree.  Damage to the railing, steps, and downstairs porch ceiling.  
But, here is the blessing.  Our backyard neighbor had another tree fall on her house while she was sleeping during hurricane Sally.  As she told us, she woke up as the tree hit her roof and her ceiling was cracking.  She opened her eyes to find the tree had stopped just 18 inches from her face!  
No matter what, God IS in control.  HE has a plan.  HE has a plan for The Vineyard Family House.  We have work to do.  We have funds to raise.  But, we are NOT going to stop, because we KNOW that this ministry is HIS plan!
Since Hurricane Sally, we have had to divert 24 families from Martha’s Vineyard.  This was September 11, 2020.  Because of our COVID status and literally a damaged Strong Street house, we cannot take in any families yet.  We plan to get Euclid ready to sell in the next couple of weeks. We will get there.  God has this!
Finally, November 11, 2020 is Veteran’s Day.  A day to remember and honor ALL of our veterans and their families.  We honor these brave men and women for their service.  Dennis and I are so proud of our son, Marc- 19 years, Chief in the USN, grandson, Cody, 2 years USN, and our grand-daughter, Cayla- 1 year in the Airforce. To them and ALL our past and present veterans, blessings to you ALL and for what you do to make this USA safe!! 

Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!

Marty & Dennis Tackett

September 11, Day after Hurricane Sally
Tarping the Main House on Strong
Tarping the main house on Strong St.
Tree on Carriage House after Sally