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Dear Family and Friends:
Jessica N. continues to amaze us!  She was moved Monday night to Encompass, a fairly new step-down rehabilitation hospital here in Pensacola for further rehab on her every day “activities of daily living” exercises.  Now off the ventilator completely, her tracheotomy is soon to be removed and her stoma-throat to heal.  Per mom, Ginger, she is still adjusting to all her exercises without getting short of breath.  After being on a ventilator for almost 2 months, this can be quite an adjustment. This sweet family is from Mobile, AL.  Jessica is just 27 years young and recuperating from Covid. 
Sharon S. continues chemotherapy despite setbacks with infections.  Merrill, her husband is her biggest cheerleader.  We have become so fond of this couple.  Continue to keep her and Merrill in your prayers.  She is just 78 years young. 
Melanie F. continues to make slow progress while on a ventilator at West Florida hospital per Brian, her husband. Melanie had been on chemotherapy for one month when she developed both respiratory and sight issues.  She was transferred to West Florida for more intensive care from Panama City.  Melanie is just 49 years young. 
We welcomed in the family of Don H. yesterday.  Per Deborah and Ron, parents of Don, he was assaulted here in Pensacola and sustained significant head trauma.  He is being transferred from Baptist hospital to Covenant Care Hospice unit at the West Florida hospital campus. Don’s brother, an active duty Navy member, and sister are both flying in to be with the family.  We are so grateful to Holy Cross Episcopalian Church of Pensacola for coming to minister to this family.  We have since learned that Don accepted the Lord into his heart while in the Waterfront Mission rehabilitation program here. Don is just 34 years young.  This entire family needs prayer to help them navigate all the “whys” and “If only’s” that surround this tragedy.   
We are grateful to First Baptist Church’s “Connect” ladies program this year.  Volunteers came from both First Baptist church and Olive Baptist  to assist us in updating our information cards for our families and planting lots of flowers! Thank you ladies!! 
Blessings to all of you, Love Always in His Name!
Marty & Dennis Tackett

Resident Servant

Martha’s Vineyard of Pensacola, The Family House


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